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We’ve been around since 1981, and whole that might not seem like too big a deal, it gives us vast experience as well as a verifiable track record to look back on. If you agree that a good measure of customer satisfaction is customer that stay with us year after year, then you’ll be pleased to know that over 92% of our customers from 15 years ago, are still here today. If you decide to trust VOLK Insurance for your needs, there’s a very good likelihood we’ll be getting to know you pretty well.

VOLK Insurance represents a premier line of financially stable, local, regional, and national insurance companies. These partnerships allow the agency to provide insurance coverage to a wide variety of both personal and commercial clients. Because we are involved in every deal at the front end and if there are ever claims, we are confident that the providers we represent will take care of our clients.

One of the great benefits of being in business for 35 years, aside from meeting hundreds of great people, is that we’ve seen a lot of scenarios and lot learned a lot of great processes along the way. Working with VOLK Insurance can leverage all of that great experience, in an area that quite honestly most folks don’t give a lot of thought to, for yourself or your business. In fact, we’re happy to share that with you even if you are not a customer. Call us or better yet, stop by with your insurance questions, or bring your policies for a complimentary review. If we thing there’s a gap or exposure you should be concerned about, we’ll tell you. If everything looks fine, we’ll tell you that too. We didn’t stay in business this long, with retention rates like we have by giving self-serving insurance advice. We got here from being peoples trusted advisor and that’s what we’d like to be for you.

Please give us a call or stop by and experience the service that so many other long-time clients and friends have come to know and trust.